Character Creation Rules

  • Level 8
  • No Divine Characters. The Gods of old are silent in the wastelands of Athas.
  • At least one character must be an Arcane power source.
  • No Deva’s, Gnome’s, or Kobolds. These races were annihilated in wars past.
  • Use Inherent Bonus feature. This will make it easier to hit, and still make magic weapons worth finding.
  • You get the Mounted Combat feat for free
  • Pick a Weapon/Implement Focus, and Weapon/Implement Expertise of your choice. (if I got the names wrong, they are the +1 damage and hit feats).
  • Standard weapons and armor. 1 level appropriate head or neck piece.


Since you start with mounted combat you will also get to start with a mount. The available mount types are below.

  • Spider – Will have controller like abilities
  • Ant – Will have striker like abilities
  • Inix – Will have tank like abilities. Flavor-wise imagine a large heavily armored lizard.


In our group, some people like to role play, and some don’t. In my last campaign we started doing some RP in the Adventure Log and then the one result was a punishment even though not everyone participated. This time around, RP done in the adventure log will only provide bonuses. There will never be any penalties. Hopefully this will encourage people to role play that don’t normally.

Role playing during gameplay may result in action points, but will provide no bonuses to hit or damage.

Things to know about Athas

  • Arcane magic will destroy life around you. Any character that uses arcane powers can optionally take an at will that damages your allies, but allows you to potentially increase damage on your daily powers.
  • Because arcane magic is so reviled on Athas, those not choosing to defile may have to Bluff their uses of magic or be hunted by those that have sworn to stop the decay of the world caused by arcane magic.
  • Athas is HOT. So much so that anyone spending an extended period time has a chance to contract Sun Sickness. This is a disease that if left untreated can kill you. This will come into play.


Hand of The Shadow King

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